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COOPERATIVE LILITH was founded in 1996 in Finland. Instead of starting their own individual companies, a bunch of cultural workers and musicians believed that a joint venture would bring them benefits in the longer run.

They were pioneering the idea of a freelance artist being employed by the company. Soon enough Lilith became the work and entrepreneurship cooperative.

Today, with it's 350 members, Lilith is Finland's biggest and oldest cooperative of it's kind. The members are working widely in creative services; in culture, arts, crafts, design, wellbeing and travel, just to name a few.

Lilith’s core innovation is KUHA, an account management platform for member administration. It's an unique model where the members operate inside the company as employees, projects or sub-companies.

Cooperative as a form of an enterprise brings many benefits. It electrifies people to learn from each other, it motivates in sharing and trust and builds a sustainable working culture where everyone is an equal member in terms of social security, health care and pension. It also enables a working culture where member’s multi-diciplinary skills are supported.

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