JUSSI’S LAST TAPE - waypoint report No. 1 video installation is a touching piece about changes

2004 ”As a child I wanted to be a girl.”

JUSSI'S LAST TAPE - waypoint report No. 1 is a video installation of twelve years in a man's life. Actor Jussi Johnsson's bodily changes and Bo Carpelan's poem recited each year from 2004 to 2015 are the key elements of the installation. We will demonstrate to a visitor how memories are changing constantly and how a memory is selective. The work is targeted to anyone wishing to reflect the march of time, aging, life decisions and how they manifest themselves in the body. 

2005 ”A woman has asked me to become a father for her baby.”

The installation is the first waypoint report in a series of performances inspired by Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape (1959) and a creation of Johnsson and Director Janne Saarakkala. Once a year since 2004 Johnsson has revealed the state of his body to the video camera and recited Bo Carpelan's poem ”Ei meitä aika muuta vaan tila” (It's not time that changes us, it’s the room). The annual sessions will continue until the estimated finale in 2030. Waypoint reports will be released along the way.  


2014 ”I have considered suicide.”

Jussi Johnsson (1966) is an Finnish Actor and Singer, who has performed in different stages in theatres, films, concerts and performance groups over two decades. His latest works include the role of Slim Matti in Saara Cantell’s film Stars above (2012) and the lead in Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya (2011) directed by Andriy Zholdak at Klockrike Theatre. Johnsson has made many performances not only performing but producing and scripting them also.  

Opening on Wed 6th of April 2016 from 18 to 21 o’clock
Public display from 7th to 30th of April 2016 from Wed to Sat from 12 to 18 o'clock and on Sun from 12 to 17 o’clock
Address: Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23 F, Helsinki
Free entrance, the installation has English subtitles

Production: Reality Research Centre & Jussi Johnsson                                                                                           The Man: Jussi Johnsson
Cameraman and Director: Janne Saarakkala
Video Editor: Ville Virtanen                                                                                                                                           
Music: Timo Oiva
Bo Carpelan's poem by kind permission of the
heirs; ”Det är inte tiden som förändrar oss” from the compilation I de mörka rummen, i de ljusa (1976). Finnish translation by Tuomas Anhava. 


Information: Jussi Johnsson Reality Research Centre jussijohnsson[at]gmail.com info[at]todellisuus.fi                                        puh. +358 400 641 989

The exhibition is supported by Art Promotion Centre Finland’s Arts Counsel of Uusimaa.