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Postal address
Osuuskunta Lilith
Rihkamakatu 4 A
06100  PORVOO


+358 45 617 4114 Office
+358 50 381 5205 Chia Koskinen, Community Coordinator & Facilitator (Tampere and Pirkanmaa)

Offices (let us know beforehand if you're visiting us, thank you)

Lilith Porvoo
Rihkamakatu 4 A
06100  PORVOO


Lilith Tampere
7Boheemia / Chia Koskinen
Näsinlinnankatu 28 E 4A
33200  TAMPERE



Dear Supplier,

We hope to receive all invoices from you in electronic format. If your company is unable to submit electronic invoices or send invoices to our e-mail invoicing address, you can send paper invoices to the address of our invoice scanning service. We do not accept invoices sent to our visiting address.

Please remember to not send any other material than invoices and their scannable attachments to the scanning service. No other material (such as receipts, business gifts, credit cards or tickets) will be sent forward through the scanning service. If sending invoices to scanning service through email or regular mail, please make sure that the address of the scanning service has been precisely specified in the invoice. Otherwise the invoice will be delivered with a delay of multiple working days.

Please use always the reference given, that we can target the invoice to right cost center.

Our invoicing addresses are:

Osuuskunta Lilith
VAT FI10838835

Electronic invoices

Electronic invoice address: FI3410143000207825
Format: Finvoice

Reception of invoices via e-mail by the scanning service

Address information needed on the invoice document:

Osuuskunta Lilith
Ostolaskut 2372K
PL 10

Invoices need to be sent as email attachments in PDF-format (max. 5MB/file) to:
2372K[ät] Write on subject field "Lasku Osuuskunta Lilith".

All the documentation concerning a single invoice should be compiled into one file.

Paper invoice scanning service

Address information needed on the invoice document and the envelope:

Osuuskunta Lilith
Ostolaskut 2372K
PL 10